REC EZT356 (5-PK)
REC EZT356 (5-PK)
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REC EZT356 (5-PK)

EZ-Trap® EZT-356 Ultraswitch Electronic "Autopump" Overflow Switch 5-Pack

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REC EZT356 (5-PK)

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EZ-Trap® EZT-356 Ultraswitch Electronic "Autopump" Overflow Switch EZT356 (5-Pack):

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This innovative overflow switch/minipump shuts off AC in case of drain pan overflow, then pumps drain pan continuously to prevent further overflow due to melting ice on the coil. Integral reset button must be depressed to re-activate system after servicing. Fully electronic, with built-in delay to prevent false alarms.


  • Diameter - 1"
  • U Bend Type - N/A
  • Drop - N/A
  • Brush - N
  • Switch - Y
  • Cable Length - 60"
  • Waterless - N
  • Plenum - N

Carton Contents (5-Each):

  • Ultra switch Assembly WITH Integral Pump
  • 1"x3/4" Slip Street Ell
  • 3/4" Male Adaptor

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