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Armstrong Flame Rod Sensor/Igniter R42640-001 Honeywell Q3400A1016
[ARM R42640-001]
Armstrong Flame Rod Sensor/Igniter R42640-001 Honeywell Q3400A1016
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Armstrong Flame Rod Sensor/Ignitor R42640-001 Honeywell Q3400A1016

For Q3450, Q3620 and Q3480 field replacement. Also, below is a list of Armstrong units on which this part is used.

Used in, but not Necessarily Limited to the Following Armstrong Models:

  • 39708B031 GUJ050D10-2, 39708B032 GUJ075D10-2, 39708B033 GUJ075D14-2, 39708B034 GUJ100D12-2, 39708B035 GUJ100D14-2, 39708B036 GUJ100D20-2, 39708B037 GUJ125D14-2, 39708B038 GUJ125D20-2, 39708B039 GUJ150D20-2, 39708B040 GUJ075D09-2, 39708B041 GUJ050D10L-2, 39708B042 GUJ075D10L-2, 39708B043 GUJ075D14L-2, 39708B044 GUJ100D12L-2, 39708B045 GUJ100D14L-2, 39708B046 GUJ100D20L-2, 39708B047 GUJ125D14L-2, 39708B048 GUJ125D20L-2, 39708B049 GUJ150D20L-2, 39708B050 GUJ075D09L-2, 39708B051 GUJ050D10-3, 39708B052 GUJ075D10-3, 39708B053 GUJ075D14-3, 39708B054 GUJ100D12-3, 39708B055 GUJ100D14-3, 39708B056 GUJ100D20-3, 39708B057 GUJ125D14-3, 39708B058 GUJ125D20-3, 39708B059 GUJ150D20-3, 39708B060 GUJ075D09-3, 39708B061 GUJ050D10L-3, 39708B062 GUJ075D10L-3, 39708B063 GUJ075D14L-3, 39708B064 GUJ100D12L-3, 39708B065 GUJ100D14L-3, 39708B066 GUJ100D20L-3, 39708B067 GUJ125D14L-3, 39708B068 GUJ125D20L-3, 39708B069 GUJ150D20L-3, 39708B070 GUJ075D09L-3, 39708B071 GUJ100ND20-3, 39708B072 GUJ125ND20-3, 39708B073 GUJ100ND20L-3, 39708B074 GUJ125ND20L-3, 39708B075 GUJ045D10F-2E, 39708B076 GUJ068D09F-2E, 39708B077 GUJ068D10F-2E, 39708B078 GUJ068D14F-2E, 39708B079 GUJ090D12F-2E, 39708B080 GUJ090D14F-2E, 39708B081 GUJ090D20F-2E, 39708B082 GUJ112D14F-2E, 39708B083 GUJ112D20F-2E, 39708B084 GUJ135D20F-2E, 39800B024 GUK050D10-2, 39800B025 GUK050D12-2, 39800B026 GUK075D14-2, 39800B027 GUK075D20-2, 39800B028 GUK100D14-2, 39800B029 GUK100D20-2, 39800B030 GUK125D20-2, 39800B031 GUK075D10-2, 39800B032 GUK050D10-3, 39800B033 GUK050D12-3, 39800B034 GUK075D10-3, 39800B035 GUK075D14-3, 39800B036 GUK075D20-3, 39800B037 GUK100D14-3, 39800B038 GUK100D20-3, 39800B039 GUK125D20-3, 40019B015 GCK050D10-3, 40019B016 GCK050D12-3, 40019B017 GCK075D14-3, 40019B018 GCK075D20-3, 40019B019 GCK100D14-3, 40019B020 GCK100D20-3, 40019B021 GCK125D20-3, 40020B029 GCJ050D14-3, 40020B030 GCJ075D10-3, 40020B031 GCJ075D14-3, 40020B032 GCJ100D12-3, 40020B033 GCJ100D14-3, 40020B034 GCJ100D20-3, 40020B035 GCJ125D16-3, 40020B036 GCJ125D20-3, 40020B037 GCJ150D20-3, 40020B038 GCJ050D10L-2, 40020B039 GCJ050D14L-2, 40020B040 GCJ075D10L-2, 40020B041 GCJ075D14L-2, 40020B042 GCJ100D12L-2, 40020B043 GCJ100D14L-2, 40020B044 GCJ100D20L-2, 40020B045 GCJ125D20L-2, 40020B046 GCJ150D20L-2, 40020B048 GCJ050D14-4, 40020B049 GCJ075D10-4, 40020B050, GCJ075D14-4, 40020B051 GCJ100D12-4, 40020B052 GCJ100D14-4, 40020B053 GCJ100D20-4, 40020B054 GCJ125D16-4, 40020B055 GCJ125D20-4, 40020B056 GCJ150D20-4, 40020B057 GCJ050D10-4, 40020B058 GCJ050D10L-3, 40020B059 GCJ050D14L-3, 40020B060 GCJ075D10L-3, 40020B061 GCJ075D14L-3, 40020B062 GCJ100D12L-3, 40020B063 GCJ100D14L-3, 40020B064 GCJ100D20L-3, 40020B065 GCJ125D20L-3, 40020B066 GCJ150D20L-3, 40414-025 GHJ050D10-2, 40414-026 GHJ050D14-2, 40414-027 GHJ075D14-2, 40414-028 GHJ100D14-2, 40414-029 GHJ100D20-2, 40414-030 GHJ125D20-2, 40414-031 GHJ075D16-2, 40414-032 GHJ075D09-2, 40414-033 GHJ050D10L-2, 40414-034 GHJ050D14L-2, 40414-035 GHJ075D09L-2, 40414-036 GHJ075D14L-2, 40414-037 GHJ075D16L-2, 40414-038 GHJ100D14L-2, 40414-039 GHJ100D20L-2, 40414-040 GHJ125D20L-2, 40414-041 GHJ075ND16-1, 40414-042 GHJ075ND16L-1, 40414-043 GHJ050D10-3, 40414-044 GHJ050D14-3, 40414-045 GHJ075D14-3, 40414-046 GHJ100D14-3, 40414-047 GHJ100D20-3, 40414-048 GHJ125D20-3, 40414-049 GHJ075D16-3, 40414-050 GHJ075D09-3, 40414-051 GHJ075ND16-3, 40414-052 GHJ050D10L-3, 40414-053 GHJ050D14L-3, 40414-054 GHJ075D09L-3, 40414-055 GHJ075D14L-3, 40414-056 GHJ075D16L-3, 40414-057 GHJ100D14L-3, 40414-058 GHJ100D20L-3, 40414-059 GHJ125D20L-3, 40414-060 GHJ075ND16L-3, 40414-061 GHJ045D10F-2E, 40414-062 GHJ045D14F-2E, 40414-063 GHJ068D14F-2E, 40414-064 GHJ090D14F-2E, 40414-065 GHJ090D20F-2E, 40414-066 GHJ112D20F-2E, 40414-067 GHJ068D16F-2E, 40414-068 GHJ068D09F-2E, 40414-069 GHJ050D10-4, 40414-070 GHJ050D14-4, 40414-071 GHJ075D09-4, 40414-072 GHJ075D14-4, 40414-073 GHJ075D16-4, 40414-074 GHJ075ND16-4, 40414-075 GHJ100D14-4, 40414-076 GHJ100D20-4, 40414-077 GHJ125D20-4, 40414-078 GHJ050D10L-4, 40414-079 GHJ050D14L-4, 40414-080 GHJ075D09L-4, 40414-081 GHJ075D14L-4, 40414-082 GHJ075D16L-4, 40414-084 GHJ100D14L-4, 40414-085 GHJ100D20L-4, 40414-086 GHJ125D20L-4, 40414-087 GHJ050ND12-3, 42213-008 GU93A045D10-2, 42213-009 GU93A045D12-2, 42213-010 GU93A070D10-2, 42213-011 GU93A070D14-2, 42213-012 GU93A090D14-2, 42213-013 GU93A090D20-2, 42213-014 GU93A115D20-2, 42213-015 GU93A045D10-3, 42213-016 GU93A045D12-3, 42213-017 GU93A070D10-3, 42213-018 GU93A070D14-3, 42213-019 GU93A090D14-3, 42213-020 GU93A090D20-3, 42213-021 GU93A115D20-3, 43235-001 GH90A050D12-1, 43235-002 GH90A075D14-1, 43235-004 GH90A100D14-1, 43235-005 GH90A100D20-1, 43235-006 GH90A125D20-1

Armstrong Flame Rod Sensor/Igniter R42640-001 Honeywell Q3400A1016
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Armstrong Flame Rod Sensor/Igniter R42640-001 Honeywell Q3400A1016
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Armstrong Flame Rod Sensor/Igniter R42640-001 Honeywell Q3400A1016
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Manufacturer's UPC: 085267780360
For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 October, 2010.
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