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Armstrong Lennox Induced Draft Furnace Motor R45037-001 58W01
[ARM 58W01]
Armstrong Lennox Induced Draft Furnace Motor R45037-001 58W01
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58W01 Inducer/Induced Draft Motor R45037-001 Armstrong, Concord, Allied Air

Fasco blower number: 7021-11106
Fasco motor number: 7121-9450E
Armstrong P/N: 45037-1P

Part Specs:

 Used In The Following Armstrong, Concord, And Allied Air Products Model Numbers:

  • CG90UA075D12B-1, CG90UA075D16C-1, CG90UA100D16C-1, CG90UA100D20C-1, CG90UA125D20D-1,
  • CG90UA050D12B-2, G1D91AU075D12B-1, G1D91AU075D16C-1, G1D91AU100D16C-1,
  • G1D91AU100D20C-1, G1D91AU125D20D-1, G1D91AU100D22D-1, G1D91AU050D12B-2,
  • WFCU050B12-1A, WFCU075B12-1A, WFCU075C16-1A, WFCU100C16-1A, WFCU100C20-1A,
  • WFCU125D20-1A, CG90UB050D12B-1, CG90UB075D12B-1, CG90UB075D16C-1, CG90UB100D16C-1,
  • CG90UB100D20C-1, CG90UB125D20D-1, WFCT050B12, WFCT075B12, WFCT075C16, WFCT100C16,
  • WFCT100C20, WFCT125C20, G1D91BT050D12B, G1D91BT075D12B, G1D91BT075D16C,
  • G1D91BT100D16C, G1D91BT100D20C, G1D91BT125D20C, CG90TB050D12B-1, CG90TB075D12B-1,
  • CG90TB075D16C-1, CG90TB100D16C-1, CG90TB100D20C-1, CG90TB125D20C-1,
  • G1D93BT067D12B-1, G1D93AU067D12B-1, G1D93AU067D16C-1, G1D93AU090D16C-1,
  • G1D93AU090D20C-1, G1D93AU112D20D-1, G1D93AU045D12B-2, WGFDU045B12-1A,
  • WGFDU067B12-1A, WGFDU067C16-1A, WGFDU090C16-1A, WGFDU090C20-1A, WGFDU112D20-1A,
  • WGFDT045B12, WGFDT067B12, WGFDT067C16, WGFDT090C16, WGFDT090C20, WGFDT112C20,
  • G1D93AC045D12B-1, G1D93AC067D12B-1, G1D93AC067D16C-1, G1D93AC090D16C-1,
  • G1D93AC090D20C-1, G1D93AC112D20D-1, CG90CA045D12B-1, CG90CA067D12B-1,
  • CG90CA067D16C-1, CG90CA090D16C-1, CG90CA090D20C-1, CG90CA112D20D-1, WFCC045B12-1A,
  • WFCC067B12-1A, WFCC067C16-1A, WFCC090C16-1A, WFCC090C20-1A, WFCC112D20-1A,
  • WGFDC045B12-1A, WGFDC067B12-1A, WGFDC067C16-1A, WGFDC090C16-1A, WGFDC090C20-1A,
  • WGFDC112D20-1A, EG6E40DC13-2, EG6E60DC14-2, EG6E80DC16-2, EG6E80DC19-2,
  • EG6E100DC20-2, EG6E40DC13-2LP, EG6E60DC14-2LP, EG6E80DC16-2LP, EG6E80DC19-2LP,
  • EG6E100DC20-2LP, EG6E40DC13-3, EG6E60DC14-3, EG6E80DC16-3, EG6E80DC19-3,
  • EG6E100DC20-3, EG6E40DC13-3LP, EG6E60DC14-3LP, EG6E80DC16-3LP, EG6E80DC19-3LP,
  • EG6E100DC20-3LP, EG6E40DC13-4, EG6E60DC14-4, EG6E80DC16-4, EG6E80DC19-4,
  • EG6E100DC20-4, EG6E40DC13-4LP, EG6E60DC14-4LP, EG6E80DC19-4LP, EG6E100DC20-4LP,
  • EG6E40DC13-5, EG6E60DC14-5, EG6E80DC16-5, EG6E80DC19-5, EG6E100DC20-5,
  • EG6E40DC13-5LP, EG6E60DC14-5LP, EG6E80DC16-5LP, EG6E80DC19-5LP, EG6E100DC20-5LP,
  • EG6E40DC13-6, EG6E60DC14-6, EG6E80DC16-6, EG6E80DC19-6, EG6E100DC20-6, EG6E40DC13-8,
  • EG6E60DC14-8, EG6E80DC16-8, EG6E80DC19-8, EG6E100DC20-8, EG7E80DC16-1, EG7E60DC14-4,
  • EG7E60DC14-4LP, EG7E60DC14-5, EG7E60DC14-7, EG6F100DC16-1, EG6F100DC16-1LP,
  • EG6F80DC12-2, EG6F100DC16-2, EG6F100DC16-2LP, EG6F60DC08-3, EG6F100DC16-3,
  • EG6F100DC16-3LP, EG6F40DC08-4, EG6F60DC08-4, EG6F60DC12-4, EG6F80DC12-4,
  • EG6F100DC16-4, EG6F40DC08-4LP, EG6F60DC08-4LP, EG6F60DC12-4LP, EG6F80DC12-4LP,
  • EG6F100DC16-4LP, EG6F40DC08-5, EG6F60DC08-5, EG6F60DC12-5, EG6F80DC12-5,
  • EG6F100DC16-5, EG6F40DC08-6, EG6F60DC08-6, EG6F60DC12-6, EG6F80DC12-6,
  • EG6F100DC16-6, EDG6F40DC08-1, EDG6F60DC08-1, EDG6F60DC12-1, EDG6F80DC12-1,
  • EDG6F100DC16-1, EDG6F40DC08-2, EDG6F60DC08-2, EDG6F60DC12-2, EDG6F80DC12-2,
  • EDG6F100DC16-2, EDG6F40DC08-2LP, EDG6F60DC08-2LP, EDG6F60DC12-2LP, EDG6F80DC12-2LP,
  • EDG6F100DC16-2LP, EDG6F40DC08-3, EDG6F60DC08-3, EDG6F60DC12-3, EDG6F80DC12-3,
  • EDG6F100DC16-3, EDG6F40DC08-4, EDG6F60DC08-4, EDG6F60DC12-4, EDG6F80DC12-4,
  • EDG6F100DC16-4, EG6H40DC8-1, EG6H40DC14-1, EG6H60DC8-1, EG6H60DC14-1, EG6H80DC14-1,
  • EG6H80DC20-1, EG6H100DC20-1, EDG6H40DC8-1, EDG6H60DC8-1, EDG6H60DC14-1,
  • EDG6H80DC14-1, EDG6H100DC20-1, GUK050D10-1, GUK050D12-1, GUK075D14-1, GUK075D20-1,
  • GUK100D14-1, GUK100D20-1, GUK125D20-1, GUK075D10-1, GUK050D10-2, GUK050D12-2,
  • GUK075D14-2, GUK075D20-2, GUK100D14-2, GUK100D20-2, GUK125D20-2, GUK075D10-2,
  • GUK050D10-3, GUK050D12-3, GUK075D10-3, GUK075D14-3, GUK075D20-3, GUK100D14-3,
  • GUK100D20-3, GUK125D20-3, GCK050D10-1, GCK050D12-1, GCK075D14-1, GCK075D20-1,
  • GCK100D14-1, GCK100D20-1, GCK125D20-1, GCK050D10-2, GCK050D12-2, GCK075D14-2,
  • GCK075D20-2, GCK100D14-2, GCK100D20-2, GCK125D20-2, GCK050D10-3, GCK050D12-3,
  • GCK075D14-3, GCK075D20-3, GCK100D14-3, GCK100D20-3, GCK125D20-3, GU93A045D10-1,
  • GU93A045D12-1, GU93A070D10-1, GU93A070D14-1, GU93A090D14-1, GU93A090D20-1,
  • GU93A115D20-1, GU93A045D10-2, GU93A045D12-2, GU93A070D10-2, GU93A070D14-2,
  • GU93A090D14-2, GU93A090D20-2, GU93A115D20-2, GU93A045D10-3, GU93A045D12-3,
  • GU93A070D10-3, GU93A070D14-3, GU93A090D14-3, GU93A090D20-3, GU93A115D20-3,
  • RGU90A050D10-1, RGU90A050D12-1, RGU90A075D10-1, RGU90A075D14-1, RGU90A075D20-1,
  • RGU90A100D14-1, RGU90A100D20-1, RGU90A125D20-1, RGU90A050D10-2, RGU90A050D12-2,
  • RGU90A075D10-2, RGU90A075D14-2, RGU90A075D20-2, RGU90A100D14-2, RGU90A100D20-2,
  • RGU90A125D20-2, RGU90A050D10-3, RGU90A050D12-3, RGU90A075D10-3, RGU90A075D14-3,
  • RGU90A075D20-3, RGU90A100D14-3, RGU90A100D20-3, RGU90A125D20-3, RGC90A050D10-1,
  • RGC90A050D12-1, RGC90A075D14-1, RGC90A075D20-1, RGC90A100D14-1, RGC90A100D20-1,
  • RGC90A125D20-1, RGC90A050D10-2, RGC90A050D12-2, RGC90A075D14-2, RGC90A075D20-2,
  • RGC90A100D14-2, RGC90A100D20-2, RGC90A125D20-2, GC93A045D10-1, GC93A067D14-1,
  • GC93A067ND20-1, GC93A067D20-1, GC93A090D14-1, GC93A090D20-1, GC93A112D20-1,
  • GC93A045D12-1, G1D93AU045D12B-1, CG90UA050D12B-1, G1D91AU050D12B-1, WFCU050B12-1,
  • WFCU075B12-1, WFCU075C16-1, WFCU100C16-1, WFCU100C20-1, WFCU125D20-1, WFCC045B12-1,
  • WFCC067B12-1, WFCC067C16-1,WFCC090C16-1, WFCC090C20-1, WFCC112D20-1, WGFDC045B12-1C,
  • WGFDC067B12-1C, WGFDC067C16-1C, WGFDC090C16-1C, WGFDC090C20-1C, WGFDC112D20-1C,
  • WGFDU045B12-1, WGFDU067B12-1, WGFDU067C16-1, WGFDU090C16-1, WGFDU090C20-1,
  • WGFDU112D20-1, G1D91BU050D12B-1, G1D91BU075D12B-1, G1D91BU075D16C-1,
  • G1D91BU100D16C-1, G1D91BU100D20C-1, G1D91BU100D22D-1, G1D91BU125D20D-1,
  • G1D91BU050D12B-2, G1D91BU075D12B-2, G1D91BU075D16C-2, G1D91BU100D16C-2,
  • G1D91BU100D20C-2, G1D91BU100D22D-2, G1D91BU125D20D-2, G1D93BU045D12B-1,
  • G1D93BU067D12B-1, G1D93BU067D16C-1, G1D93BU090D16C-1, G1D93BU090D20C-1,
  • G1D93BU112D20D-1, G1D93BU045D12B-2, G1D93BU067D12B-2, G1D93BU067D16C-2,
  • G1D93BU090D16C-2, G1D93BU090D20C-2, G1D93BU112D20D-2, G1D93BC045D12B-1,
  • G1D93BC067D12B-1, G1D93BC067D16C-1, G1D93BC090D16C-1, G1D93BC090D20C-1,
  • G1D93BC112D20D-1, G1D93BC045D12B-2, G1D93BC067D12B-2, G1D93BC067D16C-2,
  • G1D93BC090D16C-2, G1D93BC090D20C-2, G1D93BC112D20D-2, CG90UB050D12B-1,
  • CG90UB075D12B-1, CG90UB075D16C-1, CG90UB100D16C-1, CG90UB100D20C-1, CG90UB125D20D-1,
  • CG90CB045D12B-1, CG90CB067D12B-1, CG90CB067D16C-1, CG90CB090D16C-1, CG90CB090D20C-1,
  • CG90CB112D20D-1, WFCT050B12-1, WFCT075B12-1, WFCT075C16-1, WFCT100C16-1,
  • WFCT100C20-1, WFCT125C20-1, G1D91BT050D12B-1, G1D91BT075D12B-1, G1D91BT075D16C-1,
  • G1D91BT100D16C-1, G1D91BT100D20C-1, G1D91BT125D20C-1, G1D93BT045D12B-1,
  • G1D93BT067D12B-1, G1D93BT067D16C-1, G1D93BT090D16C-1, G1D93BT090D20C-1,
  • G1D93BT112D20C-1, G1D91BT050D12B-2, G1D91BT075D12B-2, G1D91BT075D16C-2,
  • G1D91BT100D16C-2, G1D91BT100D20C-2, G1D91BT125D20C-2, G1D93BT045D12B-2,
  • G1D93BT067D12B-2, G1D93BT067D16C-2, G1D93BT090D16C-2, G1D93BT090D20C-2,
  • G1D93BT112D20C-2, CG90TB050D12B-1, CG90TB075D12B-1, CG90TB075D16C-1,
  • CG90TB100D16C-1, CG90TB100D20C-1, CG90TB125D20C-1, CG92TB045D12B, CG92TB067D12B,
  • CG92TB067D16C, CG92TB090D16C, CG92TB090D20C, CG92TB112D20C, CG95TB040D12B,
  • CG95TB060D12B, CG95TB080D16C, CG95TB100D20C

Note: 58W01 replaces R45037-001 replaces R40404-004 replaces R40404-003 replaces R40404-002 replaces R40404-001 replaces R39640D002 replaces R39640D001 replaces R36717D005 replaces R36717D004 replaces R45037-001
All Controls Should Be Installed By A Licensed Professional.


Armstrong Lennox Induced Draft Furnace Motor R45037-001 58W01
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Armstrong Lennox Induced Draft Furnace Motor R45037-001 58W01
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Manufacturer's UPC: 662551174038
For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 29 March, 2010.
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