Famco SB12
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Famco SB12

Round Vent Base 12" Saddle Flashing SB12

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Round Vent Base 12" Saddle Flashing SB12

SADDLE BASE - used on ridge (peak) of roof. Need slope of roof on both sides. This measurement
should be given in standard roof slope measurement (i.e., 4/12, 5/12, etc.).

 For use with Rotary Vents, Globe Vents, Wind Directional Caps and other venting applications.

  • Available in Flat, Saddle or Pitched (sloped) styles.
  • Large flange for easy installation and leakage protection.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized materials.
  • All Weatherproof seams.
  • Chain Dampers Available.


  • Available in other materials. (i.e., Copper, Aluminum, etc.)
  • Chain Damper available.
  • Curb mount (customer provides dimensions).
  • Tapered base (customer provides dimensions).


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