Rheem IAQ24AH

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Rheem IAQ24AH



3-Stage IAQ-1 System - 24 in. Air Handler IAQ24AH

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3-Stage IAQ-1 System - 24 in. Air Handler IAQ24AH

The 3-Stage Indoor Air Quality (IAQ-1) System utilizes the latest in contamination control technology to reduce indoor pollution. It attacks all three classes of airborne contaminants: particulates, microbial and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These include small dust particles, airborne mold spores, bacteria, viruses and chemical based odors. The IAQ-1 is installed in the HVAC ductwork. Air in the home passes through the following stages:

1 Media Filter – A high efficiency MERV 11 pleated particulate filter removes over 95% of particles down to 1 micron, including pollen, dust and pet dander.

2 UV-C Lamps – Two UV-C ultraviolet lamps remove bio-aerosols by penetrating the microbe’s cell preventing reproduction. These include viruses, bacteria, mold spores and fungi.

3 Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) – The UV-C energy reacts with a patented Quartzel® felt material containing titanium dioxide. The Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) process effectively destroys volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that create unpleasant odors including paints, cleaning supplies, cooking smells and other gases.

Features include:
• Dual safety interlock switches; viewport allows safe viewing of UV lamp operation
• Mounts vertically or horizontally
• Low profile cabinet – only 10 in. high
• Front access door

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: This device produces UV-C radiation. Exposure to UV-C poses a significant risk of eye and skin damage. The installer should minimize the risk of exposure to UV-C to equipment owners and service personnel. In particular, the use of electronic interlock circuits, along with the choice of an appropriate installation location for the device is strongly encouraged. For example, do not locate the device adjacent to a “front return” air handler where radiation exposure is possible through the return grille, or in a location which might allow exposure to UV-C radiation due to routine maintenance, such as filter replacement. Only qualified and licensed personnel familiar with the risks involved should install or service this device.

Maintenance Schedule: 5 in. Pleated Filter (replace every 6 months); Quartzel photocatalyic felt filter (replace every 24 months); UV-C lamps (replace every 12 months – clean every 6 months using cotton gloves and pre-moistened cloth provided with the unit.)
Two year maintenance pack (864029) includes three 5 in. pleated filters, two UV-C lamps, and three lamp cleaning kits.
Uses replacement 1 in. Quartzel photocatalyic felt filter 540007.
Uses replacement 5 in. pleated media filter 540003. Note: this a special UV-C compatible filter. DO NOT use standard filters as they will degrade when exposed to UV-C radiation.
Uses replacement ballast 849165.
Uses replacement UV-C lamp 864026-1PK.
Uses replacement lamp reflector 955241.

Technical Data »  

  • Input Voltage (V):  120
  • Connection Type:  Cord connected
  • Unit Dimensions W x D x H (in.):  24-1/2 x 21-3/4 x 10
  • Media Filter MERV Rating:  11
  • UV-C Lamp Wavelenth (nm):  253.7
  • UV-C Lamp Useful Life (hours):  9000
  • UV-C Lamp Wattage: (W):  36
  • No. of UV-C Lamps:  2

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