Second Wind 9000

ELI 9000
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Second Wind 9000

ELI 9000


Second Wind - 9000 High Efficiency Air Cleaner With 1 UV Light 20X25X5

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9000 Residential return air unit good up to 2000 cfm. inline 30% efficiency air cleaner with 1-1076 germicidal & photo-catalytic lamp built in unit.

Dimensions: 20X25X5

Second Wind Air Purification 9000 and 9016 units are mounted in the return air stream to accommodate most HVAC systems. The units install in the system to remove particulate, disinfect molds, bacteria or reduce VOC contamination. The housing is painted steel and comes in 2 sizes . All units are
manufacturer assembled and tested.

  •  Installation should be done by a qualified HVAC contractor.
  •  Read all safety instructions at the beginning of this manual.
  •  Units should not be installed with in 12-18 inches of any non UV resistant materials. If materials are in question, call manufacturer of said products to see if they are made with UV inhibitors. Prolonged UV exposure will degrade non UV resistant materials. Non UV resistant materials must be shaded or covered .

Manual and Specs

Replacement Parts:

Lamp 1076

Media 9001R

Media 9027R 75% Viledon

Ballast 1060E

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