Dial 7610 - Up-Dux

DIA 7610
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Dial 7610 - Up-Dux

DIA 7610


Dial 7610 - DL-101 Up-Dux Ceiling to Attic Vent (UpDux)

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Dial 7610 - DL-101 Up-Dux Ceiling to Attic Vent (UpDux)

Product Description:

Deluxe Standard Height (DL-101)

Exhausts evaporative cooler air into attic. Eliminates excessive attic heat and the need to open windows and doors to vent air from cooler. Vents should be installed in the ceiling of each major room to allow the cool air to escape into the attic. The home can be locked while cooler is operating. Noise from outside is reduced.

Product Features & Specifications :

  • Easy to install
  • Attractive ceiling grille
  • Assembled 7-1/4” height
  • Improved home security with free attic venting
  • Includes damper panel to secure venting during winter months
  • Cost free attic power-venting. Attic temps can reach 140° or more. Requires sufficient attic ventilation
  • Up-Dux is rated 900 CFM nominal free air flow. Install one Up-Dux for each 900 CFM rating
  • DL-101 model includes ADR™, (Automatic Damper Release). At 190° ADR’s fusible links will degrade and release anti-draft steel panels, blocking air flow between living areas and attic

Up-Dux Installation

How to install the Dial Up-Dux

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