Rheem ZR21K5E-PFV-800

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Copeland ZR21K5E-PFV-800 Compressor



ZR21K5E-PFV-800 - Copeland Scroll Compressor

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ZR21K5E-PFV-800 - Copeland Scroll Compressor

Notes »

  • This compressor includes a molded plug wiring harness in the box. It does not need to be ordered separately.
  • The compressor rating label for model ZR21K5E-PFV-800 may read ZR21K5E-PFV-7M3. The difference in the suffix number is a result of internal handling procedures, and the compressors are identical in all aspects.

Technical Data »

  • Capacity (BTU/HR): 21000
  • Type: Scroll
  • Refrigerant: R-22
  • Input Voltage (V): 208
  • Input Voltage (V): 230
  • No. of Phases: 1
  • Freq. (Hz.): 60
  • Run Capacitor (uF/V): 35/370
  • Start Kit: SK-A1
  • Kick Start: 42-TO5
  • Start Relay P/N: 42-25105-01
  • Start Capacitor (uF/V): 88-106/330
  • Start Capacitor Part Number: 43-17075-04
  • Rated Load Current (A): 12.0
  • Max. Continuous Current (A): 16.8
  • Locked Rotor Current (A): 56.0
  • Crankcase Heater Included?: No
  • Crankcase Heater Part Number: 44-17402-44
  • Soundwrap (Brinmar): 68-25217-10
  • Refrigerant Oil: POE (85-32CST)
  • Suction Line Location: 2
  • Suction Line Height (in.): 10-1/16
  • Suction Line Configuration: Stub Out
  • Suction Line Size (in.): 3/4
  • Discharge Line Location: 3
  • Discharge Line Height (in.): 14-1/4
  • Discharge Line Configuration: Stub Out
  • Discharge Line Size (in.): 1/2
  • Overall Compressor Height (in.): 15-1/4
  • Mounting Base Dimensions (in. x in.): 7-1/2 x 7-1/2

Where Used »


Engineering Approved Alternates by Rheem »

The parts shown below have been approved by parts engineering as acceptable alternates. The conditions of approval noted below must be satisfied before substituting the alternate part. Only the specific part numbers noted are approved. If the specified alternate has been replaced, or itself also has approved alternates, the linked or alternate parts have not been approved.

  • Alternate: 55-102045-60S
  • Conditions of Approval: These two compressors are identical, except mineral oil is used in ZR21K5E-PFV-800, while POE oil is used in 55-102045-60S.

Replacement History »

  • 55-102045-60S
  • 55-102045-60
  • ZR21K5E-PFV-7M3
  • ZR21K5-PFV-7M3
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