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All references on this Terms and Conditions of Use page to "we", "our" or "us", refer to ComfortGurus.com and its affiliates.

ComfortGurus.com Limitation of Liability

Our products on this site be installed by a licensed professional.  Improper or non-professional installation may void manufacturer warranties.  We are not liable, under any circumstance, for damages (personal, property, or other), caused by the handling or misuse of products provided.  Many parts and equipment require professional tools, experience, and procedures to ensure safe operation.  We do not encourage the sale, servicing, or installation of our products for non-professionals.  All items are new and unused unless otherwise indicated.

ComfortGurus.com does not provide technical services.  Questions regarding installation, failure diagnosis, suitability for application, or other technical issues should be answered by a licensed professional.  Any advice or recommendations, verbal or written, that may given by ComfortGurus.com and its affiliates concerning purchase, use, or installation are solely suggested exchanges of information.  It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain and adhere to all installation procedures, local codes, and other requirements, regardless of advice given by an employee of ComfortGurus.com or its affiliates.  ComfortGurus.com and its affiliates are not liable for any damages (personal, property, or other), injuries, or loss caused by any informational exchange regarding the products on this site.

Furthermore, ComfortGurus.com reserves the right to refuse service to any customer at any time, for any reason.

Contact Information & Order Resolution

E-mail: service@comfortgurus.com  |  Phone: 866-519-2461
7am–5pm M-F MDT

Primary Contact Method:  The customer will receive an order confirmation and invoice to the e-mail address provided.  Once the order is assigned a tracking number, this will also be sent via e-mail.  Should an issue arise with an order, our primary contact method is the e-mail address given upon order placement, which we assume to be valid.  We encourage customers to monitor their e-mail regularly (including junk/spam folders) for status updates.  If a customer does not respond to our e-mails, we will resort to the "Secondary Contact Option" below.

Secondary Contact Method:  Our secondary contact method is the phone number given upon order placement, which we also assume to be valid.  If the customer does not respond to e-mails within 3 (three) business days of first contact, we will send a final e-mail notice and attempt another contact by phone.  If no contact is made, a voicemail will be left.  The customer has until the end of that business day (5:00 PM MDT) to respond unless otherwise specified.  If there is no response by this time, ComfortGurus.com reserves the right to cancel the order and refund in full.

Customer E-mails & Voicemails:  We respond to e-mails and voicemails within one business day for messages sent Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 4:00pm MDT.  Messages sent after hours and on weekends will be responded to during the following business day. 

Information Privacy and Security:  The contact information you provide is used only to better assist you as our valued customer.  Your name, e-mail, address, and phone number will never be sold to an outside source.  These will also never be given to an outside source that is not directly involved with your order’s fulfillment.  Further, payment information (i.e. credit card numbers) are never kept on file to maintain the highest level of online privacy and security for our customers.

Typographical & Pricing Errors

The ComfortGurus.com website is continually being developed to offer the most up-to-date products and pricing to its customers.  However, pricing, availability, and product information is subject to change.  Although ComfortGurus.com also makes every attempt to ensure pricing and product information on this site is accurate, it is not guaranteed.  Typographical errors, product updates and changes, and price increases can occur without notice.  It is the responsibility of the customer to verify product information before making a purchase.  If shipping or product amounts are incorrect for any reason, ComfortGurus.com will contact the customer with an explanation of the problem and work toward a resolution.   ComfortGurus.com reserves the right to refuse any order and issue a full refund for product listed at an incorrect price.

Discontinued or Out of Stock Items

ComfortGurus.com also reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for product that is found to be discontinued or backordered after placement.  This applies even after payment has been made and a confirmation has been received.  Orders canceled for reasons of discontinuation or backorder will be refunded in full.


Product Images and Ordering

ComfortGurus.com strives to provide product images for all listed products found on the site. However, when a product is added to the website, there are occasions when an image for a particular item is not available; in these instances, ComfortGurus.com may post a generic image of the respective category. Customers should NOT base their purchases solely on the image seen on a listed product, as they are only representations of the parts. Please contact customer service at 866-519-2461 should you need assistance locating the correct part for your application.

Order Cancellations

Should you need to cancel an order, please call immediately.  Please also note that cancellation may not be possible after the first hour of order placement, and refunds will only be issued once the shipment is confirmed as successfully stopped.  If a shipment cannot be stopped in time, it will then be subject to our standard return policies.

ComfortGurus.com vs. ComfortGurus on Amazon.com

ComfortGurus.com uses Amazon.com to offer products to a wider customer range.  In many cases, prices on Amazon are different from those listed directly through ComfortGurus.com.  This difference is due to factors including, but not limited to, selling fees in which Amazon takes a percentage of each sale, competitor price matching, shipping restrictions, and other reasons.  We are prohibited by Amazon to refer customers to the ComfortGurus.com website under their terms of selling. Therefore, customers who purchase through Amazon are held to the terms and conditions laid forth by Amazon.com.  If a product is purchased on either Amazon or ComfortGurus.com for a different price than what can be found on each respective website, we cannot refund the difference.  Amazon.com customers are, however, held to the same return conditions as laid forth on Amazon and ComfortGurus.com.

Conditions of Use Acknowledgement

The Conditions of Use as outlined above are applicable to you and your acceptance of these conditions is implied upon accessing this site, completing account registration, and/or checkout process, whether online or by phone. ComfortGurus.com reserves the right to change these Conditions of Use without notice at any time, for any reason.

Final Statement

We truly appreciate all of the customer interactions that we have on a daily basis. These Conditions of Use have been laid out to ensure fair and honest e-commerce for all parties involved. If you have questions related to the conditions of the use of our website, we invite you to call us at 866-519-2461 before making your purchase.

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