Durodyne PN114

Durodyne PN114



Spotter Pins (1000 Piece Package) PN114 Durodyne 1-1/4"

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PN114 Durodyne Spotter Pins 1-1/4" (1000 Piece Package)

The spotter pin is welded to the sheet metal and the insulation is impaled over the nail. It is held in place with the addition of either metal or nylon washers. PC (metal) and NC (nylon) washers are used with PN’s. LC (metal) and NC-2 (nylon) for LN’s. Pins can be installed with all DYN-O-LITE, LF, MF and PBF Pinspotters.

After the pins are welded to the duct, (1 pin per sq. ft.), press the insulation onto the pins. Pins used should be 1/4” longer than the insulation thickness.Push clip over pin to hold insulation firmly in place.

PN Pins available in 3/4”, 1-1/4’’, 2”, 2-1/2”.

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