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Durodyne MSF



Adhesive Applicating System MSF Duro Dyne

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Adhesive Applicating System MSF  Mini Sprayfast Duro Dyne

Place the supply tube from the pump into the adhesive container. Attach the air line to the pump. The pump is self-priming and charges the gun quickly. Hold the spray gun about 10- 12" from the work. Simply depress the trigger switch to produce the spray pattern

The Mini-Sprayfast is lightweight; the complete unit weighs approximately 9 pounds. Its unique design allows it to be mounted in any position and it can be used with any size water-based adhesive container - 1 gallon, 5 gallon or 55 gallon. For ease of operation, it comes complete with 10 feet of hose between the pump and the spray gun.

For quick clean-up disconnect the air, press the trigger switch to relieve fluid pressure and submerge the spray gun and air cap in water. For extended clean-up, simply place the adhesive supply tube into warm water, press the gun trigger and let the water run through the pump. Place the spray gun in a damp towel
until its next use.

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