Durodyne MBX4-100 (100 Feet)

Durodyne MBX4-100
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Durodyne MBX4-100 (100 Feet)

DUR MBX4-100-100PK


DuroDyne MBX4-100 - Black Excelon® Flexible Duct Connector (100')

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DuroDyne MBX4-100 - 3"x3"x3"x100' Black Excelon® Flexible Duct Connector Metal Fab™ 10159 (100' - Roll/Box)

All air duct installations for heating, cooling or ventilation are attached to mechanical equipment containing a fan or blower. Vibrations, noises and rattles resulting from the operation of the fan or blower are transmitted into the metal ducts which carry the noises throughout the system.

In order to isolate the vibration and noises to the source, an air-tight flexible joint, consisting of a fabric which is secured to sheet metal on both sides, must be inserted between the equipment and the ductwork. This flexible joint is called a "Flexible Duct Connector."

To meet every type of installation requirement, whether it be for factory, institution, office or home; Duro Dyne offers the widest variety of flexible duct connector fabrics (U.L. Classified) and sizes; pre-assembled with the sheet metal permanently secured to the fabric by means of exclusive seam locks. Duro Dyne Flexible Duct Connectors are dispensed from the carton, ready to complete fabrication faster, more efficiently, and more economically than any conventional method.

Product Features Overview:
Grip Loc™: The double-lock gripping fingers of metal-to-fabrics add tremendously to the holding power compared to the conventional singlefold method.

  • UL Classified File# R4462
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent tear strength
  • Excellent all purpose fabric
  • Unaffected by mildew

Product Specifications Overview:

Metal Fab is constructed of material which meets the requirements of heavy commercial systems. This factory fabricated flexible duct connection will allow for normal vibration in large duct systems without inhibiting the effectiveness of the flexible duct connector.

  • Standard Roll Length - 100 ft. (30.48 m)
  • Gauge: 24 Galvanized (.7 mm)
  • Dimensions: 3" metal - 3" fabric - 3" metal (76 mm metal - 76 mm fabric - 76 mm metal)
  • Seam: Grip Loc™
  • All Duro Dyne Fabrics are designed to meet NFPA 701 (formerly UL 214.)
  • All Duro Dyne Fabrics are designed to meet NFPA 90A & 90B.
  • All Duro Dyne Fabrics are airtight and waterproof.
  • All Duro Dyne Flexible Duct Connector utilize 24 or 28 gauge (.7 mm or .47 mm) galvanized steel meeting ASTM-A-525 G60.
  • Flexible Duct Connector and Vane Rail are manufactured in the United States.

Ordering Note:

  • This product is sold by the foot, if you need a strip of 10 feet, change the order quantity to 10. Maximum uncut sheet length is 100 ft.
  • The quantity ordered is the amount that will be delivered. If you might need an extra couple of inches just in case, you must order another foot ("an extra couple of inches" will NOT be included)
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