SUP DV898ASN-122024

SUP DV898ASN-122024
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SUP DV898ASN-122024

SUP DV898ASN-122024


20" x 24" x 12" DynaFlow V-8 Extended Surface 98% Minipleat Filter

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20" x 24" x 12" DynaFlow V-8 Extended Surface 98% Minipleat Filter WITH Header

General Product Overview:

The Superior Filtration Products DynaFlow V-8 is an extended surface area/low pressure drop minipleat filter. The DynaFlow Series filters are available in 65%, 85%, and 95% average efficiency ranges by ASHRAE Standard 52.1 testing methods as well as 95%, 97%, 99.9% DOP and carbon loaded media. Operating at face velocities range from 0 to 750 feet per minute, DynaFlow V-8 filters are designed for use in most commercial and industrial HVAC systems having medium to high efficiency filtration requirements.

Product Construction:

DynaFlow V-8 filters are built using multiple minipleated panels bonded to flame-retardant plastic panels on the top and bottom. Aerodynamically shaped vertical supports extruded from new aluminum are used to both support the filter and minimize air entry turbulence. This attention to the fine details yields an unusually strong and rigid filter assembly that is resistant to both moisture and corrosion making the DynaFlow V-8 ideal for variable air volume (VAV) systems, as well as applications downstream of supply fans.

Product Efficiency & Savings:

DynaFlow V-8 filters have a virtually unmatched and exceptionally low clean pressure drop when compared to comparable filters. The low pressure drop of this filter helps reduce energy costs by decreasing the load on the system fans. Additionally, DynaFlow V-8 filters are the filter of choice for packaged air conditioning systems without the fan capacity of larger central air systems. The increased media area of the minipleated filter packs gives the DynaFlow V-8 a very high dust holding capacity and long service life. The result for the user is labor and material cost savings as well as less disruption of facilities due to filter change-out activities or shutdowns.

Product Installation Considerations:

DynaFlow V-8 filters may be installed in Superior Filtration Products NOVABurke ASTR Holding Frames, EnviroSeal Side Access Housings or in similar existing hardware. NOVABurke ASTR Holding Frames are bolted or riveted together to form filter arrays. Smaller systems and systems with minimum upstream access space are well suited to using EnviroSeal Side Access Housings. DynaFlow V-8 filters are furnished with a peripheral header on the air entering side and factory installed gasketing is available.

Product Technical Specifications:

Average Efficiency Range: 98% ASHRAE
MERV Rating: 16
Nominal Size: 20"H x 24"W x 12"D
Actual Size: 19-3/8"H x 23-3/8"W x 11-1/2"D

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