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Fantech SHR1504



Fantech SHR 1504 - Heat Recovery Ventilator HRV

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Fantech SHR 1504 - Heat Recovery Ventilator (4 Ports, 50 to 149 CFM @ 0.4" WG, 3 Speed)

Fantech HRV Product Overview:

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) are recommended for colder areas of the country that have longer heating seasons as well as drier desert areas of the South. Heat Recovery Ventilators are complete whole house ventilation systems that incorporate a supply motor and an exhaust motor in one unit. The supply motor draws fresh air in from the outside and the exhaust motor pushes stale contaminated air out. The two air steams are separated by a heat recovery core which tempers the air making it the most comfortable solution for a healthy indoor environment.

So How Do They Work?

An HRV is designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into a home while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air. HRVs use what is called a “sensible” heat recovery core. This special aluminum core transfers heat from the exhaust air stream to the incoming air stream. Fresh incoming air is tempered by the heat that is transferred from the outgoing air so you save on energy costs. Fantech HRVs are equipped with automatic defrost mechanisms so even if you live in the coldest climates you can use your HRV all year long.

Having said that, it's easy to see that Fantech's Heat Recovery Ventilators truly are the next step in creating a clean, healthy environment for your family. Now, let's find out more about the technical specifications about the unit.

Quality Features Built Into Every Model:

  • Simple Yet Sophisticated Design Makes These Units the Most Reliable HRVs on the Market
  • Aluminum Cores Featuring efficient heat transfer and a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Durable, vibration-free EBM Motors with Backward Incline Impellers Featuring a 7-Year Limited Warranty
  • Steep Fan Curves for Superior Airflow Performance minimize the need to balance
  • Fully Insulated Cabinet with 1" (25mm) Foil-Faced High Density Polystyrene Foam
  • Control board features superior microprocessor technology which efficiently controls operation of unit while making it easy to connect to existing HVAC equipment and convenient wall controls. Built in surge protection for long life.
  • 5-Year Warranty on all other component parts

Technical Specification & Data:

  • SIZING & CFM: Up to 3600 Square Feet - SHR 1504 – 50-149 CFM (24-70 L/s) @ 0.4 w.g.
  • CONTROLS: External three (3) position (Low/Stand By/Medium) rocker switch that will offer continuous ventilation. Fantech offers a variety of external controls. (see optional controls)
  • DEFROST: A preset defrost sequence is activated at an outdoor air temperature of 23°F (-5°C) and lower. SHR 1504 - During the defrost sequence, the supply blower shuts down & the exhaust blower continues to ventilate for a preset time. The unit then returns to normal operation, and continues cycle.
  • SERVICEABILITY: Core, filters, motors and drain pan can be easily accessed through latched front door.
  • DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 23-1/2"L x 17-3/8"W x 16-1/8"H ; 45lbs (assembled)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120 VAC; 60Hz; 1.3 Amps; Single Phase

There's Much More to Learn! You Can Find Out Everything Else You Need to Know About HRV's by Downloading the Literature Below: (requires the free Adobe Reader)

Fantech's Indoor Air Quality Ventilation Solutions Guide
Fantech SHR Series Specification Sheet
Fantech SHR Series Installation Guide

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