Metal-Fab 14M12A

MET 14M12A
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Metal-Fab 14M12A

MET 14M12A


B-vent Doubel Wall Flue Adjustable Pipe 14"x12 14M12A

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14M12A B-vent Adjustable Pipe 14"x12

Metal-Fab round B-Vent has been evaluated and listed by Under writers Laboratories, Inc., to mate with other specifically identified and UL listed round gas vent, in 3" through 6" diameters. Metal-Fab's approval covers connections at both the male (outlet) end, and the female (inlet) end to the following B-Vent products:

  • General Products Co., Inc. (Airjet)
  • American Metal Products Co. (Amerivent)
  • Hart & Cooley (Metlvent)
  • Household Manufacturing Inc. (Metalbestos & Airmate)
  • Mitchell Metal Products Inc. (Mitchvent)
  • Selkirk Metalbestos (Metalbestos)
  • Simpson Dura-Vent Inc. (Duravent)
  • ECCO Heating Products (ECCO Manufacturing)

At the male (outlet) end of compatible gas vent, add an adapter or adjustable length (M6A, M12A, or M18A) - then add sections of Metal-Fab pipe. At the female (inlet) end of compatible vent simply insert the male end of Metal-Fab B-Vent into the compatible gas vent and secure per instructions.


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