Second Wind 1076R

Second Wind 1076R Germicidal Lamp
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Second Wind 1076R Germicidal Lamp

ELI 1076R


1076 Second Wind UV Lamp for 2000, 8000 Series (Lennox 87N77)

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Second Wind 1076 Ultra-Violet Germicidal Lamp for Model 2000, 8000 Series (also Lennox 87N77, Aprilaire 1910, 1930)

1076R Is The Strait Replacement For 1076

Product Overview:

Single replacement 18" germicidal lamp for Second Wind® air purifiers. Used in Second Wind models 8000PFP, 9000 Series and 2000 Series. This lamp also replaces the Lennox® 87N77 lamps and is the replacement lamp for the Aprilaire 1910 and Aprilaire 1930 UV air purifiers.

Second Wind® Air Purifier lamps are designed to be on all the time. After approximately 9000-11000 hours of operation the lamps intensity will decrease. This means that after approximately 1 year of operation, it is recommended to change the lamp. For instructions on replacing the lamp, please view the "Replacement Guide" in the Literature tab above, or consult an HVAC contractor.

**"Replacement Guide" in the Literature tab above

Second Wind lamps operate at 253.7 nm, ideal for air disinfection, good for use at any velocities, temperatures ranging from 30 - 170 F. Every lamp has an extended lamp life coating which helps maintain intensity levels at 85% even after a year of operation. They are a High Output (HO), T5 (15mm) diameter, lamp yielding 2/3 more output than standard lamps of the same length. Base of the type “L” quartz glass is ceramic, with triple-coiled electrodes made of molybdendum lead in a clamped filament design. Lamp connectors are 4-pin single ended circling sockets. Lamp life shall not be less than 9000 hours.

Before You Buy, Check Out This Option:

Save on the price of each lamp and save on shipping costs when you buy the 1076 lamp in a 2-pack! If your equipment uses two lamps, buying a 2-pack is the most cost effective options we offer. See the link in the "accessories" section below this listing.

Length (In.)18

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