Second Wind 1068R

ELI 1068R
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Second Wind 1068R UV Bulb

ELI 1068R


1068 Second Wind Lamp For 1000KCS, 1000KA Model (Lennox 56N99)

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Second Wind® 1068 - 9" Replacement Lamp for Germicidal Ultra-Violet (UV) Air Purifiers

This item is for a single (1) 1068 lamp.

Used in models 1000KA, 1000KCS, 1001KA, 1001KCS and also a replacement for Lennox® 56N99 lamps. Second Wind® uses ultra-violet germicidal light and a patented photo-catalytic process to disinfect mold, bacteria, infectious diseases and decrease volatile organic compounds in your heating ventilation and air conditioning system. Second Wind® Air Purifier lamps are designed to be on all the time. After approximately 9,000-11,000 hours of operation, the lamps intensity will decrease. For instructions on replacing the lamp, please view the guide below or consult an HVAC contractor. Each lamp comes with a 1-year, worry-free warranty.

How to Choose the Lamp that is Right for Your Model:

Choosing the right lamp for your Second Wind® equipment is actually very simple. Here's how to know which lamp you need: Second Wind® equipment models with a serial # of 10259 and lower require two 1068 lamps. Second Wind® equipment models with a serial # of 10260 and up require one 1068 lamp and one 1068A lamp. It's that simple! We have provided a few different purchasing options below to help simplify the ordering process. You can buy just one lamp at a time, or save time and money by purchasing two or more lamps at a time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we can help you out!

The Technical Specs on the Lamp:

Second Wind lamps operate at 253.7 nm, ideal for air disinfection, good for use at any velocities, temperatures ranging from 30 - 170 F. Every lamp has an extended lamp life coating which helps maintain intensity levels at 85% even after a year of operation. They are a High Output (HO), T5 (15mm) diameter, lamp yielding 2/3 more output than standard lamps of the same length. Base of the type "L" quartz glass is ceramic, with triple-coiled electrodes made of molybdendum lead in a clamped filament design. Lamp connectors are 4-pin single ended circling sockets. Lamp life shall not be less than 9000 hours.

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