Famco BD8

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Famco BD8



Butterfly Damper 8" BD8 Famco

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Famco BD8 - 8" Galvanized Butterfly Damper for Round Duct

The FAMCO Butterfly Damper is one of the easiest, least complicated dampers on the market.  It is used as a backflow damper in forced air systems, solar systems and exhaust/intake systems.  It has no metal hinges or springs to rust or break and is maintenance free.  The BD has a foam seal providing minimal air leakage.  Due to its unique design it opens easily with normal air flow - closes by gravity.  It will work in either horizontal or vertical positions (except vertical down).

Product Features Overview:

  • Foam seal provides minimal leakage.
  •  No springs or metal hinges to go bad.
  •  Works for both horizontal or vertical applications.
  •  Ideal for intake or exhaust applications.
  •  Due to its unique design, it opens easily with normal air fl ow and closes by gravity

Available Options (call for pricing and availability):

  •  Square to round models available. (Customer provides measurements)
  •  Special mounting designs. (Customer provides measurements)
  •  Larger sizes are available on request

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