Malco N2R

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Malco N2R



Malco N2R - 1" Depth Hand Notcher

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Malco N2R - 1" Depth Hand Notcher

Product Description:

The N2R Notcher punches a big 1 inch (25.4 mm) deep “V” notch in common 24 to 30 (0.71-0.41 mm) gauge galvanized sheet metal quickly and easily. A narrower handle opening provides additional user comfort while still allowing a full throat opening. Folding and fabricating metal ductwork is easier than ever with the full 1 inch clearance that the N2R single operation notcher provides.

• Alloy steel forging with carbon steel shell

Product Specifications :

  • Net Weight: 17oz.
  • Capacities: Aluminum - .035; Copper - .023; Stainless Steel (26 Gauge) - .018; Galvanized Steel (24 Gauge) - .028; Mild Steel (22 Gauge) - .030

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