Shoemaker 350B214

SHO 350B214
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Shoemaker 350B214

SHO 350B214


Shoemaker 350B0214 - 2"X14" Brown Floor Register / Diffuser

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Shoemaker 350 Series 350B0214 - 2" x 14" Brown Floor Register / Diffuser

Product Overview:

• Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel
• Louvers designed with rolled rib for maximum strength and rigidity
• Unique fan-shaped air pattern lends to both heating and air conditioning applications
• Opposed blade damper standard on 4" widths
• Parallel blade damper on 6" widths and larger
• All component parts, rivets, linkage, and handle, enclosed in valve to assure trouble-free operation
• Driftwood Tan (Brown) finish

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