Hart & Cooley FPD308

Hart & Cooley FPD308
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Hart & Cooley FPD308



Hart & Cooley FPD308 - 8" Fixed Pattern Grid Ceiling T-Bar Diffuser

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Hart & Cooley FPD308 - 8" Fixed Pattern Grid Ceiling T-Bar Diffuser

Product Overview:

These popular diffusers for T-Bar ceilings are an innovative response to the challenge of creating a better indoor environment. These T-Bar diffusers combine clean appearance with installation ease, and include critical design details to ensure consistent performance.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • 8" fixed collar 
  • Manufactured by Hart & Cooley┬«
  • Steel construction
  • Provides high air volume delivery
  • 360-degree air diffusion, 4-way louver design pattern 
  • Three cone fixed core
  • Unique 2" high collar permits easy flex connections
  • Utilizes butterfly damper (3800 Series) inserted in collar, see accessories
  • Damper adjustable thru face
  • Formed steel back panel
  • Bright White finish

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