Dial 7212

DIA 7212
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Dial 7219

DIA 7219


Dial 7212 / 7219- 115V 8-Position Short Stem Evaporative Cooler Switch

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Dial 7212 / 7219 - 115V 8-Position Short Stem Rotary Shaft Evaporative Cooler Switch

This part number is no longer available.  Listing for reference purpose only.

With 6 or 8 positions (model P2-3006-1). Rated at 25 Amps @ 115V for 1/3 HP thru 1 HP motors. For 2 or 3 speed coolers with ceiling grilles or window view coolers. The Dial 7212 has a 5/8" stem. Most commonly used on Arctic Circle®, Arvin®, McGraw®, and Wright coolers. When used with 2 speed motors, only 6 of the 8 switch positions are used.

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