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ADP FSAN75 - 75,000 BTU Natural Gas Low Profile Cayenne Unit Heater (#78013703)

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Advanced Distributor Products FSAN75 - 75,000 BTU Natural Gas Low Profile Cayenne Garage & Space Heater (#78013703)

Product Features:

  • Residential – low profile units.
  • Great for garages & shops.
  • Sidewall venting eliminates roof penetrations.
  • Wiring junction box is located inside of unit.
  • 1” clearance from ceiling for easy installation.
  • Heating capacities from 30,000 – 75,000 BTUH.
  • Up to 81% thermal efficiency.
  • Self-diagnostic board with LED display improves troubleshooting.
  • Power exhaust system allows horizontal venting to 25 ft.
  • Tubular heat exchangers made of aluminized steel.
  • Aluminized steel in shot burners provide efficient trouble free operation.
  • Direct drive propeller fans are dynamically balanced for quiet and smooth operation.

Efficiency & Reliability:

ADP unit heaters deliver between 80% and 82% thermal efficiency. This excellent efficiency sets a new standard when using gas-fired unit heaters and duct furnaces. They have proven superior for over a decade and during hundreds of thousands of hours in the toughest winter climates of North America and under extreme conditions in laboratory life cycle testing. ADP unit heaters and duct furnaces have been designed to provide a long, trouble free service life.

ADP unit heaters feature a standard 2-year limited warranty. For FOA, FSA, and SEP Series, the warranty provides extended coverage on aluminized heat exchangers for 10 years. For SEP Series, the warranty provides extended coverage on stainless steel heat exchangers for 15 years.

Power Exhaust & Direct Spark Ignition:

All heaters have a sealed flue collector and a power exhaust system which enable conventional vertical venting or horizontal venting. Power exhaust, when used with horizontal venting, lowers operating cost because it reduces stack losses. It also allows the option of not penetrating the roof, or multiple floors. The versatile power exhaust (on some models) reduces installation cost further by allowing the exhaust to be directed upward, left or right, just by rotating the exhaust assembly.

In combination with the 24-volt main gas valve with 100% shut-off for safety, the direct spark ignition control provides positive, reliable and safe main burner ignition. This eliminates the need for a pilot light, improving system efficiency and reliability. A separate flame sensor provides proof of main burner ignition. If loss of main burner flame should occur, the control will re-initiate ignition three times before locking out, thus reducing nuisance service calls. The unit will re-initiate ignition after the one hour lockout. The pre-purge operation safety removes all gas and flue products from the system prior to ignition.

In Shot Burners & Tubular Heat Exchangers:

These lightweight aluminized steel burners are maintenance-free and never require adjustment. The burner venturi mixes air and gas in the correct proportion for efficient combustion. The entire burner assembly is removable as one piece for ease of service.

The heat exchangers are constructed of aluminized steel for superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation; for additional protection, some models have an optional stainless steel heat exchanger. The curving design provides for complete exposure of the heating surface to the supply air stream. Rounded surfaces minimize air resistance and permit air to surround all heat transfer surfaces for excellent heat transfer. Tubular design means lighter weight and significantly longer service life due to lower thermal-induced stresses.

Product Specifications:

  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • Heating Capacity Input (BTUH): 75,000
  • Heating Output (BTUH): 60,000
  • Steady State Efficiency: 80.0%
  • Temp Rise (°F): 60
  • Flue Size Round (in): 4 (2 x 4 in. diameter adaptor is furnished with unit for flue connection)
  • Gas Pipe Size (in, NPT): 1/2
  • Number of Fans: 1
  • Diameter of Fans (in): 14
  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Motor Output (hp): 1/10
  • Motor Full Load Amps: 4.1
  • Motor RPM: 1050
  • Air Volume (CFM): 950
  • Overall Dimensions H x W x D (in): 17 x 25 x 25
  • Ship Weight (lbs): 91
  • Electrical Data:
    • Power Input (V): 115
    • Phase: 1
    • Frequency (Hz): 60
SeriesFSA Series (Residential Low Profile)
Input BTU75,000
Power TypeNatural Gas (NG)
Thermal Efficiency %80
Heat ExchangerAluminized Steel
Equipment DescriptionUnit Heaters
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