Williams 5059622A

Williams 5059622A
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Williams 5059622A

WIL 5059622A


Williams 5059622 - 50,000 BTU NG Double-Sided Top-Vent Monterey Home Furnace (6,001 ft to 8,000 ft Elevation)

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Williams 5059622 - 50,000 BTU Natural Gas Monterey Series Single-Sided Top-Vent Furnace Heater

Williams' 50,000 BTU/hr dual-wall model, with patented energy-maximizing side-relief draft hood openings, will heat two or more rooms, quickly and economically. Conveniently installs in the wall to heat two adjacent rooms (25,000 BTU/hr on each side).

This is a High Altitude Model for 6,001 ft to 8,000 ft Elevation - See Other Wall Heater Models for 0 ft to 8,000 ft Elevations

Value-for-your-money-priced models feature energy and money-saving operating costs. Easily recessed or surface-mounted options are great in homes, schools, cabins, apartments, offices, and shops. Heating rooms individually allows comfort in areas being used while saving fuel cost in unused areas. For extra money-saving efficiency, optional blowers are available (see accessories below).

Product Features:

  • No electricity required! This means that these units are perfect during power outages! All models are equipped with a self-generating millivolt thermostat that may be wall mounted or cabinet-mounted.
  • “Matchless” pilot igniter, Assures convenient pilot lighting without matches.
  • Easy installation.
  • Patented, side-relief opening draft hood design reduces flue gas temperature to minimize normal heat loss.
  • Natural and propane gas model (conversion kits).
  • Automatic temperature and safety controls.
  • Resettable vent-limit safety switch.

 Product Specifications Overview:

  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • BTU/hr Input Rating: 50,000
  • BTU/hr Output Rating: 36,900
  • Thermal Efficiency Percentage: 74.0
  • AFUE Efficiency Percentage: 67.0
  • Face Panel Dimensions (W x D x H): 16" x 6" each side x 65-3/4"
  • Gas Connection Size: 1/2"
  • Type of Control: Millivolt wall
  • Shipping Weight (lbs.): 137

Available Accessories (Click for Link):

Williams offers a number of different options to help you accessorize, personalize and tailor your new furnace to your exact needs. Add convenience, sophistication and elegance to your new purchase with these options:

  • Blower- Attaches to the top of Monterey furnaces with an on/off switch or automatic operation. Improves circulation of warm air and reduces temperature differences in the room.
  • Rear Outlet Register - Adjusts the amount of heat delivered through rear register.
    • Standard chain-operated rear outlet register (WIL 6901)
    • Plasterground for 6901 or 6919 rear outlet registers (WIL 6905)
    • Motorized rear outlet register for use when furnace is recessed (WIL 6919)
    • Motorized rear outlet register for use when furnace is surface-mounted (WIL 6920)
  • Oval-Vent Starter Kit - A quick an easy way to get your installation started!
    • Contains starter hold down plate, oval-to-round adapter and two pieces of oval pipe (WIL 9901)
  • Vent Adapter - For surface-mounted (freestanding) installations only!
  • Freestanding Kit - For single-sided furnaces only!
    • Allows single-sided furnaces to be surface mounted instead of recessed. Ideal for remodeling in existing masonry wall construction or when studding is substandard (WIL 4901)
  • Remote Controls & Thermostats - Excellent options to add convenience & style to your new furnace!
  • Replacement Face Panel - Make your furnace look like new again!
    • Soft-white, powder-coated replacement face panel (WIL 4915)
  • Gas Conversion Kit - Designed for use on Williams brand gas valves only!
    • Converts from Natural Gas to Propane Gas (WIL 8903)
    • Converts from Propane Gas to Natural Gas (WIL 8906)

Please Read Before Buying:

  • Read owner's manual before using/installing.
  • Photographs are representative only.
  • Check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses.
  • Consult installation manual for clearances prior to installation.
  • We reserve the right to amend product specifications without notice.
  • Installation and servicing required by a qualified service person.
  • Venting must comply with the "Venting and Chimney Requirements" section of installation manual.
  • Massachusetts approval G1-0713-515.

Shipping Note:

Are the shipping rates for this equipment coming through a little high? Please remember that this is a large piece of equipment. Because of its larger size (dimensions and weight), higher freight charges may apply and this item will have to ship via truck line on a pallet. If you have any questions about shipping, or would like to get a shipping quote for your order, please don't hesitate to contact one of our sales reps at 866-519-2461; we'd be happy to help you with your purchase!

SeriesMonterey Series
Input BTU50,000
Power TypeNatural Gas (NG)
AFUE Efficiency %67
Operating Altitude6001 ft to 8000 ft
Thermal Efficiency %74
Vent TypeTop-Vent
Equipment DescriptionWall Heaters
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