Rheem SP8371B Anode Rod

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Rheem SP8371B Anode Rod



Anode Rod - 52" Flexible Link R Tech Resistor Magnesium 

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Anode Rod - 52" Long with 12" Sections R Tech Resistor Magnesium Flexible Link SP8371B

As a general practice in the industry, the anode rod should be removed from the water heater's tank annually for inspection and replaced when more than 6" of core wire is exposed at either end of the rod. For installations without the overhead clearance normally required for anode rod replacement; consists of four 12 in. sections with flexible linkages.

What is the Flexible Link Anode Rod?

  • Metallic rod installed inside the tank to protect against corrosion. The "R-Tech"® anode rod is made of magnesium and is designed to offer the longest lasting tank protection.

Product Technical Data:

  • Material:  Magnesium
  • Length (in.):  54
  • Rod Diameter (in.):  0.900
  • Hex Head Size (in.):  1-1/16
  • Thread Size - NPT (in.):  3/4
  • Resistored:  Yes
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